My Secret System To A Clean & Tidy Home.

Here is my most asked question on Youtube and Instagram?

“Toni how do you keep your home so clean and tidy”

My answer to that is, its not always perfect and sparkly clean. Our home is very much, lived in and we all enjoy every room in our home, Lee and I, our son Lee and our 3 crazy little Shih Tzu’s Peggy Dolly, and Noah.

But if I was to have someone just turn up at my door, you wouldn’t find me hiding behind the sofa LOL. I have a secret cleaning system that I really want to share with you all.

I follow a routine every single day and this is what helps to keep my home looking at its best. Here is what I do……… you can watch detailed video here

1 : I make the bed (half wayI like to air it for a few hours) as soon as I get up! I clear the bedside tables and open the blinds. Everything in my home has its own home and when things are retuned to where they belong, this helps keep things neat and tidy.

2 : When I shower and clean my teeth I clean the bathroom when I’m done. if l spill toothpaste in the sink its cleaned right away. I delegate chores between the three of us, so we all do the same depending on who’s last up.

3 : I collect the laundry basket on my way down stairs and before I reach the kettle I put the washing in the machine to get that on the go!

4 : Clear the counters and wipe them over. I do this whilst I’m waiting for the kettle to boil its usually done before the kettles finished lol.

5 : My top tip for cleaning swiftly is to use an all round cleaner. I love Method Anti-Bac all purpose cleaner. This is eco friendly and cruelty free and you can purchase bumper packs to top your bottle up. I use this all over my home! This is not suitable for all surfaces so do a test spot. It is fine on all the surfaces I have used this on. I use this all over my home and it smells beautiful. (Leave to soak for 5 minutes to disinfect a surface.) Using the one cleaner is perfect as you don’t need to drag a cleaning caddy behind you with all manor of cleaning paraphernalia that you really don’t need.

Now you can sit and enjoy your coffee, but I like to make my morning brew and carry on with my tasks, then I can enjoy it when its all done!

6 : I always clean as I go which makes really light work when I’m having a deeper clean (usually Fridays) So I will wash any dishes, or start up the dish washer if its full. and I will clear away any clutter that may be lying around. if the postman has been all that mail will go to where it needs to be (either filled or shredded.)

7 : Delegate the duties, if everyone is on bored then it makes the work a whole lot easier.

8 : Invest in a cordless vacuum and mop! This makes it so much easier I cant stress enough how much a cordless vacuum and mop has been a life saver for me. I can have the downstairs of my home done in under 10 minutes. (friday is longer as I pull all the furniture out and have a really deep clean on this day. ( I have three dogs and you could imagine the amount of fluff if I was to leave it any longer.)

9 : Set different tasks for different days or start of with a small “To Do” list” I get such a great feeling from ticking of the list of jobs I have got done that only took me a couple of minutes.

10 : Light some candles or wax melts, to make the room smell beautiful. Open a window to let the fresh air flow through the house.

And thats it…… this is how I keep my home clean and tidy a majority of the time. I have a last tip that is really going to help you and its a golden rule for me….. and thats the ‘TWO MINUTE’ method (name made up by me lol) If it takes me two minutes get it done! its amazing how quickly you can do something done when you give yourself a couple of minutes! this routine takes me roughly around 15 minutes every day and when I come to doing my deep clean every Friday this takes me just an couple hours.

Thanks for reading.

Take Care and I will see you soon.

Love Toni xx