20 minute stair carpet clean! 

Good morning,

Here’s a quick blog on how I clean my stair carpet. 

I usually do this once a month just to freshen it up, as it does get dirty pretty quickly! 

I’m not one of those people who insists on you taking your shoes off, before coming into my home, it’s not a show home it’s lived in and I want you to relax. 

I use vanish gold carpet care or just the standard one (details are in my cleaning routine blog) I use a little scrubbing brush and a cloth cos the foam sprays EVERYWHERE! 

I do one step at a time I spray the front of the step and use the brush to work the pile, then I do the rest of the step just spray scrub and that’s it! 

The bottom step is done and the next step is half done! I usually do the first 6 steps then I go upstairs and work my way down, the reason I do this is the first few steps take a battering in my house and I would run out of steam by the time I got to the bottom so I use all my energy on those stairs and them just sail through the upper ones! 

It takes me no longer than 20 minutes! I then wipe the banister with a damp cloth as I go! 
I leave it for a few hours and then vacuum! 

And this is the finished result! 

Works perfectly every time! 

Have a great day 

Toni xx 

Master bedroom tour! 

I get asked so many questions about the master bedroom, so I decided to do another room tour, as you all loved my previous tour!

The master bedroom has just had a little update with accessories and I’m still debating whether to strip the Laura Ashley paper, I just feel its time for a change.


I’m also still undecided about the mirrors above the bed, if the truth be known (being brutally honest) my OCD has gone a little mad, and I don’t like change and this was such a huge change, so its going to take me a little time, don’t be surprised if ! change it all back and act like the mirrors never even existed!
Anyway moving swiftly on……. As you already gathered my wallpaper is the Laura Ashley Josette paper mine is dove grey and can be found here

My headboard is from a shop here in Liverpool called The Bedsore UK they are based in Old Swan Liverpool and my headboard is called Mont Carlo King in Seal Grey swarovski, it really is a lovely headboard (see the showroom pic below)  you can look around their website here

The mirrors are above my bed are sold out in store they are from a shop called All That Jazz they don’t have an online website, or an Instagram account but they do have Facebook!

The long mirrors above the bedside tables can be found here  

The bedside lamps are really lovely they are cheap and cheerful and can be found here

The pink peony flowers which sit on both bedside tables can be found here

The silver vases that they sit in are vanilla scented candles from Home Bargains which i used up and washed out and used them as cute vases!

My bedding is something I get asked about…. a lot! I only ever buy white bedding for our bed, and I’m a huge lover of pin tuck bedding we have 2 sets of the large pin tuck in 200 thread count from Sainsbury’s but its not online! you can still buy it instore.

We also have 2 sets of this bedding  here this is my personal favourite!

My little white cabinet at the foot of the bed can be found  here I just changed the handles, these were cheap from the range for a pack of 4!

The mirror above this can be found  here

The next reed diffuser here the bottles have been changed its been that long since i purchased any off these and i still have quite a few from christmas and birthday presents!

The light fitting is from Dunelm and it’s called the Blenheim.

My curtains are something i get asked about all the time I think its cos the fabric is so nice, these were hand made and the cushions to match, the fabric was from the fabric store Abikhans 2 years ago, but Argos did sell very similar and they have unfortunately stopped selling them now but you can still get them Here if you’re quick!

The grey moroccan cushions in the same print as mine but just a very slight difference can be found here

Old pic below but you can see the cushions

I did purchase two of these and the quality of them is lovely!

The pink velour cushions can be found here

The pink Mongolian faux fur cushions can be found here

The nude pink throw can be found   here  

This throw is so soft and snuggly! I love it!

If I have forgotten anything then please let me know and I will be sure to add it!

I hope you all enjoy and have a great evening!

toni xx



Lee’s Bedroom Tour! 

Hello everyone!

I have finally finished decorating Lee’s bedroom, and so many of you have patiently waited for the room tour, so here it is!

This took me 12 days in total simply because my hand was far too sore and I had the help of John my neighbour who is absolutely fantastic and is a retired handyman and by the way, he’s the best and most patient and understanding human i have ever met! he listened to me moan and made sure every last little detail was to my liking, he is amazing and he is one of those people who would do anything for you! We’re eternally grateful to John for all his help.

I asked Lee what he would like his bedroom to be like, as it was grey and just one papered wall, he wanted a hotel look that was crisp and easy to maintain he also wanted painted walls (I nearly cried at this idea) but thought you know what, its his room he’s almost 20 years old so I just have to do as he wishes Haha!!

The paint we used in this room (much to my annoyance I hate matt paint) was Johnson’s Matt Emulsion one coat in Moonlit Sky you can find that   Here  

We used Dulux brilliant white matt emulsion on the other walls

Lees headboard is from the same shop that ours is from it is not online this headboard is in store only and lees is in slate grey, the shop is called The Bedstore UK its located in Old swan Liverpool and they are extremely helpful so you can get their number of google and give them a call its the Monte Carlo!

The bedside tables can be found here Here

they were a real bargain the drawers aren’t huge, but they are the ideal size for our Lee.

They came already built so i didn’t need to build them, this was like the best thing ever for me LOL i hate building furniture!

The mirrors above the bedside tables can be found here

These are what give the room the hotel feel! they also take me back to show home stalking many years ago (about 13 years) I remember seeing a master bedroom in the show home and being so in love with the idea! It was just by chance that I stumbled upon an image on pinterest with the same type of theme and this is where my inspo came from (see thats inso pic below)

who would have thought that this decor style would come back around over a decade later!

Lee wanted his accessories to be black and bold, so the lamps were a slight impulse buy on my behalf as they are silver with a black shade, but he loved them (and they were a bargain at £16.99 each) you can find them  Here

the rug can be found  Here

we didn’t want to get completely black as it would show up every little bit so this is mixed charcoal grey!

Lee chose his prints himself ( I know I know) but its his room (I have to keep reminding myself) and if I’m being totally honest I do love them and I love where his mind was when he was choosing them (I’m laughing) he’s just a great kid with a huge heart and a huge love of coffee! and America! you can find the prints  Here

they arrived the very next day! high five to slay my print!

the frames are just cheap frames from B&M stores I think they were £4.99 for a pack of two, we got this style as he would not accept any type of glittery venetian frame or fancy, so these were perfect! you can find the frames here

the big black Dorma Kensington velvet cushions can be found here

the faux fur cushions can be found here

The Versace hurricanes are old they were stored in the loft I gave them  bit of a spruce up with mr muscles and they are like new! ( I also threw tons of stuff out on the weekend from the loft as its like hoarders paradise up there and the loft is getting converted so I need to get it organised as quick as possible!much to big Lees pleasure.

The curtains don’t close these are solely for show and nothing more! if there is one thing I love, its an over exaggerated window I always have and always will take my poles right up to the top! and right in to the tightest corner it gives the elusion that the window is a lot bigger than it actually is, I have always been a lover of two sets of curtains I done this many many years ago when Ikea first brought the double pole hooks out, and its something I just love! the white voile panels can be found here

and the grey tab top curtains can be found here

That brings us to the end of the bedroom tour, and I’m now going to concentrate on the study tour, this is my spare bedroom but its basically where my computer is and I do a lot of work from this room!

I hope you all have a great day!


Toni x

My cleaning products & routine! 

This has to be my MOST asked question and DM! what cleaning products do I use and how do I clean ( I presume this means ‘what’s my cleaning routine’ as we all know how to clean) 

Well I do have a routine, I don’t stick to it like glue, but it works for me, I tried a cleaning chart but it made me anxious, looking at it and counting the days down so I scrapped it and went with my good old ‘vice versa’ way! 

So by vice Versa I simply mean week 1, and 3 and week 2, and 4 this is the easiest way for me to remember as my working weekend is 1&3! So the windows inside get done on week 1&3 and outside gets done on week 2&4 (my weekend off I can be very thorough and clean the sills and frames and front door)! 

Bedding gets done every Friday morning! Tea towel drawer also gets re-fresher every Friday as I have far too many tea towels and if you’re like me the top 6 get used constantly and the bottom 267 (jokes) get musty in the bottom, so they all get washed on Fridays too! My washing machine never stops, there 6 of us here 3 humans 3 dogs (haha) that’s a whole lot of laundry, I hate having laundry in the basket (lee says I would wash just for the sake of washing) little lee now knows that if it’s on his bedroom floor it gets washed, (this is to stop him putting his clean laundry pile on the floor cos he can’t be bothered putting it away, and I’m not a maid, he’s nearly 20!)

Week 2&4 is my busiest clean, skirting boards inside cupboards, banisters window sills and blinds, behind radiators door handles light switches, chandeliers lamps consoles and under sofas and chairs picture rails every surface literally gets cleaned, dusted, wiped and washed! 

Ok so you may think my life revolves around cleaning? Well it doesn’t I spend longer ironing my work uniforms! 

I keep on top of the cleaning so it doesn’t take me long at all I have a routine and I stick to it as best I can, my cleaning is made a million times easier with the Dyson V8 cordless I simply can’t live without it, everything gets vacuumed in this house, even the toaster! EVERYTHING! I have special attachments for Dyson and if I don’t have an attachment I’ll make one (seriously) for the radiator I use a kitchen roll tube so I can get in all those nooks and crannies, I use the soft brush for the blinds, and sills I use the special stair attachment for the stairs I use the longer nozzle for the skirting boards and behind the kick boards where the washer/dryer are, this one gets all the hard to reach places. 

At the end of the month I vanish the stair carpet, this brings the pile back up and brightens it up!

The curtains get washed 4 times a year and this is every 3 months, how I remember this, is when I book my annual leave (4times yearly) I do my curtains then! 

The Venetian furniture gets wiped every other day, I use E-cloths for this as they really are amazing, and with 3 dogs they love looking at themselves and rubbing wet noses all over the mirrors so they get done every other day (unless I see marks I’ll wipe them) 

I use a steam mop sometimes, but not all the time, I don’t feel it cleans as thoroughly as boiled water in the mop bucket and a bit of elbow grease, this is the only place I use zoflora, in the mop bucket to clean the floors, my favourite is clean linen but I love honeysuckle jasmine too! I’m not a huge fan of Zoflora so if I run out I won’t rush out to buy more, give me the purple Dettol or the pink flash and I’m happy! 

All my surfaces get cleaned with flash or Dettol! 

My flooring is karndean and it needs a deep polish every now and then to bring the surface shine back so we have a kit for this! This is Lee’s job I absolutely hate doing it! So I can’t say this is done on a regular basis as it’s supposed to be done once yearly, but it’s basically when Lee can be bothered. 

My dishwasher gets used every night around 7pm after tea, or if Lee Jr tidied his bedroom then he puts it on earlier, to hide the amount of dishes that he had in his bedroom (like I didn’t know)! I’ve tried so many different tablets and rinse aids and I must say Aldi is my favourite tablet! 

I think I have just about covered everything apart from my dish liquid and most importantly my hand wash! 

I don’t want this blog post to encourage anyone to over clean or become obsessed about cleaning, I clean as it suits me, we all have a routine and I tend to enjoy cleaning my home and keeping on top of things, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect I would say I spend roughly 20 minutes daily cleaning andon week 2&4 a couple of hours! I don’t stand ironing for hours on end, we iron as we go in this house, my laundry detergents look a little ostentatious, this is my child’s fault, wanting his gym wear delicately laundered (in fairy) and his designer clothes washed so the detergent doesn’t fade the colours (Ariel colour) and I always like to switch my fabric softener, I did stop using softener for a while and found my laundry felt and smelt better but I’ve gradually gone back to using it! 

I have a large supply of glass cleaner too but look at all the mirrors and mirrored furniture in my home, I have a glass dining table too and steel bases on my stools so I go through that stuff like nobodies business! 

I have some plug in airfresheners and I now use wax melts daily from @melt.my.tart

they have a fantastic range of designer scents and I adore them all! 

If you read all this post then thank you and I’m now going to stop rambling and make a brew. 


Toni x 

Getting your Upvc windows and doors back to dazzling white! 

I thought I would do a quick blogpost on how I get my Upvc window frames and door, dazzling white.

I made the mistake of purchasing every product on the market, trying in vain to make my front door and window frames gleaming white, as my door is 16 years old  and my windows are 7 years old, and some products done absolutely nothing and some products left a yellow tinge after time, so I tend to make a note on my calendar of what I’ve used and what works and what’s rubbish, this way if it’s in the calendar notes then it makes it onto next years calendar and that means it’s good.

I must point out I clean my window frames fortnightly when I do the windows  (summer months) and not so often in the winter, but I always wipe the sills down, I never leave the muck after rain on there, so they’re never grubby they just need a wipe and a refresh.

The products I use and swear by are the little cheap erase away sponges £1 from home bargains (flash make them too but Home Bargains are just as good) you can find them   Here

I use this too remove any black makes of the door and then I use Thompsons Upvc restorer £5 from wilko’s Here 

and this is amazing for bringing the white to life and puts a gorgeous shine on the Upvc too.

It’s really easy to use just wipe on leave for a minute and wipe off and buff, that’s it.





The products I use on the inside of the frames and door is this (see picture below)


I use this inside as its caused some yellowing on the outside where the sun hits the frames so I don’t use it outside! you can find this  Here

and i use a damp cloth for buffing off!

follow all the instructions and I’m sure you’ll love the results!

Happy cleaning.

Toni XoX

The Christmas Tree Tour.


It’s the most wonderful time……. of the year!!

I thought I would do a detailed post and tour of my christmas tree so you can recreate this look if you want to.

You can find the details on how to decorate a christmas tree   HERE

My christmas tree is 2 years old but I’m sure you can find similar, mine is a 9 foot snow flocked tree.

I have a rather large faux fur rug as my tree skirt I have had it since christmas last year but here is a similar one LINK the edging garland is silver leaf garland from the range i use two pieces i couldn’t find my exact one online but this is very similar  LINK

The silver and white light up presents are so pretty you can find them here  LINK

Santa’s white glitter snow boots under the tree you can find them here LINK

White marabou I have two pieces around the bottom of my christmas tree it really does look pretty when its on, it looks like a layer of snow around the bottom you can find that here  LINK this is for the pink the white is sold out online but they have lots instore.

My owls are 25cm in height they are from Bents but they are currently out of stock but I found 15cm owls here LINK  they are very similar but a little smaller.

I have about 6 white glitter squirrels dotted around the tree they just sit on the branches and look so cute you can find them here  LINK

I also have around 6 white glitter hedgehogs too you can find them here LINK

I have lots of hanging snowflakes inside the tree too and also on the fire surround these are so pretty and you can find them here LINK

Obviously i have lots and lots of baubles on the tree its a 9 foot tree so it need tons lol i have collected for years so i can’t link all the ornaments but the ones i have purchased this year i can link.

Blush pink baubles can be found here LINK this is the bigger ones that i use inside the tree the smaller ones are here LINK i bunch these up in sets of 3.

I have 10 blush pink roses with very slight glitter dotted around the tree you can find them here      LINK

silver glitter stag at the top of the tree you can find it here LINK

White ostrich feathers i used 6 you can find those  here

if i have forgotten anything let me know and ill do my best to add the link for you, thanks for stopping by!

have a great day

Toni XoX

How to decorate a Christmas tree 🎄 in stages! 

Good afternoon,

I thought I would do a full detailed blog on how I decorate my Christmas trees.

This is a lengthy blog so get your brew and get comfy 😁

There are 10 stages to dressing a tree and if you’re all organised like me this will run very smoothly, if you’re not then you still have around 3 weeks to get prepared 😂

1, Building the tree, Ok this is the easiest part providing you don’t have a colour coded hook in branches tree, I feel for you  if you do if like me the tree comes in 4/5 parts then it’s easy to put it all together.

2, Fluffing the tree branches, this is the most important part and must not be skipped, I usually fluff them all forwards, by this I mean separate them and pull them towards yourself (I’ll do a video when I’m doing my tree and pop it on Instagram so keep an eye out) I stand the tree in the middle of the room and work my way around it starting from the bottom and working my way around and up.

3, Lighting the tree up, I don’t have a pre lit tree because I don’t think it has enough lights,(I’m bonkers about lights on the tree)  if you do, then you can skip this part, I put around 2100 lights on my 9ft tree 🙈🌟 you read that correctly 2100  and that’s providing I’m happy I could easy stick another 400 on if the feeling takes me 😂💫 I use cluster lights in sets of 700 and I use 3 sets and I do not just dress the front of the tree! It goes all the way around even though it’s shoved in the corner. I use the ‘up and down’ sequence I find it lights up a lot more fuller using this method than around and around.

4, Adding the inner baubles, I like to give the tree depth and this can only be done with shiny reflective baubles using Matt finish baubles will not give you the same effect. Anywhere there is a gap and you can see too far in to the tree, shove a bauble in there.

5, Adding the ribbon, this can be done however you like, around and around or in and out (I’ll do a video for Instagram and upload it when I have done mine so you can see ) this year I’m going to have no sequence and just going to weave it in and out you can use three lots of ribbon or just one imthe choice is yours, I’m going for a winter wonderland theme this year so I will be using minimal ribbon but you’ll still be able to a little on my tree.

6, Now dressing the tree, use your ornaments in a diamond shaped sequence and put the ornaments on every  corner of the diamond shape, this gives you perfect placement, I usually buy 6 of every ornament so I can follow this sequence, and it’s all equal, small ornaments up at the top of the tree and larger ones as you work your way down the tree, leave no place bare, your tree can never have too much decoration.

7, Step back and admire your work, you’re not done yet but there no harm in looking at your fabulous work.

8, Now the topper, whether that’s an explosion or a star or an angel place it perfectly at the top, I have an explosion, so it’s a little bit harder I tend to wrap it all together and then wedge it down at the top.

9, Now push the tree into its corner or space, plug the lights in and get it exactly how you want it.

10, Add your tree skirt and that’s it you’re done! It usually takes me around 6 hours from step 1 to 10, and that’s getting all the decs down from the loft too, and lots of tea breaks!

If you follow these steps you can’t go wrong! I would love to see your Christmas trees so tag me on Instagram when they are up @toni_interior_

Have a fabulous day

Toni X0X

The Extension Progress!

Ok so this extension seems to be taking forever, there has been quite a few obstacles in the way and we’re getting there.

I’m not hopeful that I will get my new kitchen for Christmas as I don’t want to get my hopes up, the builders seem to think I will, but I beg to differ.

Today 06/11/2016 its not looking to bad the Velux Windows are in and the roof has been felt and battened.

The tiles will go on next week the plumber and the electrician will be here and also the windows and patio doors will be fitted.

So next week it will be water tight and ready for the walls to be knocked down and the studded wall for the utility and downstairs loo!

It’s been a work in progress and this extension may look small on the pictures but it really is huge it’s the full width of the house which I think is 18.m and projection is 6.m so it really is huge, the builders keep saying it’s a bungalow, I would obviously have it bigger is planning would allow 🙈😂!

I’ll keep you all updated things should start moving really quickly after next week!

Toni X0X

Magic erasers 💫

Erase Away, these are my absolute must cleaning item they are just £1 from home bargains and they can been found in the cleaning section by the dish clothes and scourers. 

They come in a boxed sleeve and it holds two cubes (see pic) they are environmentally friendly and they really do, get the job done! 

I have used these for around 4 maybe 5 years and I will not ever be without one, they are amazing I will go through a few things that I use them for and you’ll be amazed, but I just want to let you know that you need nothing but warm water with these, you don’t use any chemicals what so ever, just water. 

I use them on my Karndean flooring which is extremely expensive flooring and it’s super hard wearing but you have to be careful what you use on it so if you too have karndean or Amtico flooring then you need some magic erasers 👍🏻 just one rub removed scuff marked scratches, shoe marks, nail polish you name it this removes it, Iuse it on literally everything! 

UPVC door and window frames, ceramic kitchen sink, bathroom including tiles, my car, the door frames and skirting boards it removes sticky residues I use it inside my kitchen cupboards, there is nothing I won’t try it on, but I always do a sample spit first to check it’s ok, people even use these on there face as a microdermabrasion but I haven’t and I wouldn’t recommend this. 

I usually cut smaller pieces of when I’m cleaning for little books and crannies and hard to reach places but these really are a must they are just amazing! 

I hope this helps you all! 

Have a fabulous day lovelies 💞

Toni XoX 

Moroccan mirrors! 

These mirrors are so cheap and they really do finish the room off lovely, I’ve had them for around 6 months and never hung them, and you probably won’t believe me, but I didn’t even use a tape measure I just went for it, much to Lee’s disgust. Ok I didn’t just bang a nail in the wall and hope for the best I used my wallpaper to guide me (HaHa) they may look off in this picture but they are not, they are perfect (I may need glasses)!

You get a pack of 3 for £6.99 from The Range and they really don’t weigh much at all so if one falls of in the night my life won’t be in danger.

They are cheap and really pretty, and just match my curtains and cushions perfectly.

Have a fabulous day!

Toni XoX