The 2 Minute Method

Have you ever sat down and thought, I’ll leave those jobs until later? I just can’t be bothered doing them right now? I think we’ve all done this and some are probably still doing this, but I have a really simple method to get you to jump up and tackle those jobs that are playing on your mind. Be it, the laundry in the machine, the dishes in the sink, the mark on the skirting board that’s been bugging you for 5 days.

If all of the above sounds familiar to you, then try this…… I assure you it works for me every single time! Think of the time it will take you to tackle the job? Is it 5/10 minutes? Well test yourself to get it done quicker, I always aim for 2 minutes and that’s usually all it takes me to get those things done. Like cleaning the table after dinner, emptying the washer or dryer, or even putting the laundry away!

If I’m sat down and comfortable (trust me I get comfy a lot and then don’t want to move lol) I do the 5,4,3,2,1 and when I reach 1 I have to be standing! Whether this is my OCD I don’t really know but I told my friend to try this and it works for her and she doesn’t have and hasn’t been diagnosed with OCD. It’s like something in my brain tells me it’s “lift off” and I have to get up. Thats the push I need to get those jobs done and if I have 3 things to do then usually it’s 5 minutes to get them done.

Please let me know if you try this I would love your feedback and to know how you’re getting on with it.

Take care and stay safe everyone

Love Toni xx

2 thoughts on “The 2 Minute Method

    • Yeah I spoke about her a lot on YouTube a year or so ago. She uses the 5 second rule originally from Tony Robbins 🙏🏻 it’s a great way to get you to move. I swear by it.


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