How To Clean Your Home Fast!

So you’re looking around your home thinking…… where do I start?


You have guests coming over, or you’ve had a really busy week with work and you’re now about to attempt to tidy up..FAST.

Don’t worry with my tips I’m pretty sure you’ll have this done in under one hour! (Set your timer if you really want to get it done quicker)

Tip 1, Open the windows! This is the most important tip as you want fresh air flowing through the home.

Tip 2, Always start upstairs and work your way down, this is important if you start downstairs the chances are you’ll leave upstairs until “later” or “tomorrow” because you’ll be feeling tired and happy that the downstairs looks so good in just a few minutes.


Tip 3, Put things away, if they don’t have a home find them one and try to keep them in that place, so if the bed or drawers are littered with magazines, remote controls empty cups of tea, piles of laundry then get it all in one place and quickly sort the offending piles out! pop laundry either in a spare basket and pop it in your wardrobe until you’re ready to tackle the ironing! Or just put it all away, (I do this as I iron daily so clothes are hung up and folded away and then just ironed as we need them) Put controls in your bedside table drawers and just find a home for the bits that you’ve left lying around.

If there are piles of laundry on the floor scoop it up and pop it in the laundry basket ready to go down to the utility.

Tip 4, Make the beds!! fluff those cushions its amazing how making the bed and plumping up the pillows can make a room look tidy and inviting again.

Master bedroom
Our Master Bedroom

Tip 5, Have a quick vacuum around if you’re lucky like me and have two vacuums you can store one for using upstairs. You don’t have to do this you can skip it of you want to but I always feel like it looks fresher when you’ve vacuumed too.

BONUS TIP, Pop a polishing mitt on each hand but make one wet, and even add a bit of your favourite scented Zoflora. Use the dry one for dusting and the wet one for washing! and this is super quick and makes everywhere smell super fresh and clean!

My favourite Zoflora scents (I love a lot) and my Spanish cleaning mitts.

Give each room a little spray of your favourite air freshener or interior spray and thats the upstairs done!

Coming downstairs keep your mitts on your hands and do the banister and any window sills you may have on your way down!

Entrance Hall way

Now you’re downstairs and don’t forget you’ve left your basket of laundry up there and at this point I would go back upstairs grab the laundry and get that in the machine and on the go!

Rituals Interior sprays
My favourite interior sprays are by the company Rituals

(Keep your cleaning mitts maybe rinse out the wet one and add some more Zoflora ready for downstairs). (this can be used in the lounge/dining area and also the kitchen!


Now the same applies for the downstairs of your home, clear away any clutter put it all in its home. Tidy any magazine piles, load the dishwasher and quickly pop your mitts back on and do the same downstairs.

Vacuum through and if you’re feeling really keen grab your spray mop and mop through each room.


Light some candles or wax melts give a little spray of air freshener or interior spray and don’t forget to put your lamps on too, make the room look super cosy and inviting.

Do you have any additional tips or ideas that you would like to share? please leave them in the comments below I would love to read them. This is obviously not a deep clean its just a daily clean which I do every single day and it helps to keep the place spick and span,

If you would like to see a deeper clean check out my YouTube channel here  YouTube  you will find lots of tips and ideas pop how to keep your home fresh and clean.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a Wonderfull day


Toni xx

Dining area

2 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Home Fast!

  1. Hi Toni, you’re so right about cleaning upstairs first. I’m so going to do this from now on as I’ve just cleaned downstairs and now can’t face cleaning upstairs! Out of sight out of mind lol! Thanks again and have a great weekend, Louise xx


    • Hi Louise
      Its definitely my golden rule, If I start upstairs, I cant give up once I come down.
      tackle love then you’ll feel so much better once its all done.
      have a fab weekend too love xx


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