Slimming World Chicken Fried Rice

My journey with Slimming World started back in October and I’m still going strong, I have never felt as healthy and full of energy as I feel since I changed my eating habits!

It happened by accident if I’m totally honest, I had a photo shoot done with a magazine on my new kitchen and was asked if I would be present in a few of the pictures so people could relate and see that it was a real kitchen owned by me.

I kindly obliged even though I’m not one bit photogenic I hate having my picture taken and I’m so critical of my image that I avoid this at all costs lol! (remember I’m the person who picks holes in a Greggs sandwich so I really don’t stand a chance!

The magazine published the article back in September and there was chunky little Toni starring back at me, all thick thighs and ten chins on display for the whole world to see (Bruno Mars was inspired by those pictures on his 24K album ) I was mortified to say the least, I’m quite tall at 5’8 and have always been petit with a tiny size 3-4 shoe size and 25inch waist! so seeing my “bigger’ self made me realise that the new kitchen had really taken its toll on me………. eating take aways and fast food like I’ve never eaten them before….. I knew I had to do something so I joined SW and I haven’t looked back, I have to say I didn’t have a lot to loose and everyone is different with weight and how they see themselves but I wasn’t happy and I will never share those pictures with you lol!!

I’m currently almost at target and weight loss has really slowed down for me, I’m healthier happier and slowly feeing less critical about myself.

If you feel unhappy with your diet I couldn’t recommend it enough I have a lovely little group that I attend and we all encourage each other and we get to swap cooking tips and recipes it really is lovely.

So some people will be thinking SW chicken fried rice is going to be boring and tasteless, you’re Wrong!

We can eat this by the bucket load if we like, its syn free and full of protien and it tastes amazing rich and full of flavour and its very filling too.

I have tweaked the recipe slightly for more taste …………….. this recipe is plenty for two people, with chips and curry!


2 Chicken thighs skinless and boneless

3 Spring onion stems

Onion (optional

Garlic paste (optional)

You can add as many veggies as you like, carrots mange tout sugar snaps peppers, bean sprouts. (all these veggies are speed foods and speed up your weightloss.

Long Grain rice, I get the Iceland SW rice which microwaves in 3 minutes

1 Egg

Soy Sauce

you can also have chips and curry with this and is still syn free providing you make SW chips and use SW chip shop curry!

Chop your chicken thighs into chunks, and add to frying pan, using fry light spray the chicken and fry for 10 minutes add a small teaspoon of garlic paste, and your spring onions (if you’re using onion then add this now and garnish with spring onions when its plated up)

Fry altogether for 10 mins at this point pop your rice in the microwave for 3 minutes, when the rice is done add this to the frying pan and keep stirring, once it stirred well add the egg just crack it over and keep stirring to mix the egg in.

when the egg has cooked add soy sauce, I use light soy sauce and just add a few splashes.

If you’re also having chips and curry with this then your SW chips will already be baking in the oven, these are really easy to make, some people par boil the potatoes you don’t need to do this I just peel and chop 2 potatoes into chips line a baking tray with foil and spray fry light onto the foil then add the chips and spray them and put in the oven for 17 minutes, pop your SW chip shop curry in the microwave for a coupe of minutes to het it up (follow instructions) and plate it all up

Its a really tasty easy filling meal and its very low fat and completely syn free on slimming world!



Toni x





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