Chicken Curry (Indian style) recipe.

I posted a story a couple of days ago, of me making an Indian style chicken curry.

Lots of you asked if I could post the recipe, so here it is.


1 Large onion

Ginger fresh or dried

Garlic fresh or paste

Chicken thighs or breast or if you’re vegetarian then lots of veg

1 Chicken stock cube

1 Oxo

Garam Masala



Chilli Powder

Tinned tomatoes or tomato puree (optional)

Coconut milk or creme fraiche


Chop the onion and add a small amount of cooking oil or fry light to a large frying pan I use garlic paste and I add 1 level tea spoon of garlic and 1 level tea spoon of dried ginger mix together with the onion until golden brown (around 4 minutes).

Add 3 breasts of chicken finely chopped or 6 thighs finely chopped into the pan, add a small amount of chilli power (this amount depends on how spicy you want your curry I add 1/2 tea spoon.

Add 1 teaspoon of Turmeric 1 large heaped tablespoon of Garam Masala (don’t get these mixed up), and 1 table spoon of sugar (caster or demerara)

Melt your chicken stock cube in 100ml of boiling water and add it to the pan.

Add your tinned tomatoes (only add these if you’re NOT using coconut milk or creme fraiche) I use tomato puree and i usually add half tea spoon.

now let it all cook for around 25 minutes on a low heat but not too low, you want it still cooking.

after 20 minutes add your coconut milk i usually add half a tin as you don’t want the curry to watery, and cook that for a further 10 minutes.

If you’re using the creme fraiche (healthier) i usually add around two tablespoons.

Just add more depending on taste (its always more bitter with creme fraiche.)

Serve with basmati rice and pop some Naan bread in the toaster and you’re good to go! don’t forget to add your coriander to the top!

I add potatoes but this is optional and I just cook them in a separate pan and add them when I add the coconut milk but this is optional some people don’t like potatoes in their curry.

I also play around a lot with this recipe adding peppers and large onions and more chilli and yoghurt depending on what style of curry I want.

This was my mums recipe and I used to be intrigued by all the brightly coloured heaps of spices and powders on the plate when she cooked our indian food, sadly my mum is no longer with us, and I will never know the complete recipe I think it may have been fennel and cumin and other indian spices, but i will never know!

And I will never be able to make a chapati like my mums, If ever you had a cold the chapati pan would come out and mum would cook up a storm in the kitchen, I would swear my family used to visit and pretend to have the sniffles so mum would cook (LOL)

For a Welsh lady with Italian Spanish decent she was a fantastic cook!

Enjoy and please tag me in your curries!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and happy cooking!


Toni 🖤










4 thoughts on “Chicken Curry (Indian style) recipe.

  1. Sorry, your mum is no longer with you , I lost mum last yr , and I still go to pick up the phone and think must tell me mum. .. 💕
    Your curry looks lovely , will let you know !!! , I actually don’t know how to tag .. sue x


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