2 kitchen products I can’t live without! (5 minute read)

We all have things in life that we feel our lives would never be the same without, right? or is it just me.

Well I have two things, its not anything to do with hair or beauty, but if you know me, you already knew that, I keep my home pretty and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to keep myself pretty too, so the home will always win!

My holy grail is Bar Keepers Friend! if you have OCD you know what this stuff is, and I don’t need to say anymore, and if you don’t then let me elaborate ……its just a little miracle in a bottle.

Bar keepers friend is a cleaning product that removes just about anything including aluminium marks from ceramic sinks, scum from around the shower head and bath, your oven and grill, pot and pans ceramic tiles, grout…..and it makes cleaning faster easier and less stressful.

The list is endless for this product it literally does what it says on the bottle, it cleans and shines and I use it in the kitchen bathroom and even on rust spots, always test the area first but this is my absolute number one!

My other holy grail (if you can have two) is Lenor tumble dryer sheets.

I know you’re looking at this and thinking, oh Toni likes the laundry fresh and static free, when it comes out of the tumble dryer, well you’re wrong!

If you didn’t already know I’m going to list some uses for a used or new Lenor tumble dryer sheet (I prefer them used they work better) you’ll be surprised……..

1, They make amazing dusters! seriously because they’re static all the dust sticks to them I clean the tumble dryer door and filter with them.

2, Clean the skirting boards with them if you’re like me and have pets their little hairs get everywhere (shih’s aren’t suppose to moult but mine do) I use them on the skirting boards to remove fluff and dust, don’t believe me try it.

3, Deodoriser, I place a fresh one in my kitchen towel drawer to keep them fresh.

4, Remove pet fur rub one over your black trousers it will remove the fur!

5, Rub an unused one down the thread on your needle and cotton and it will stop it from tangling up.

6, Wardrobe freshener (I made that up) put them under collars on shirts and jackets and in pockets and your wardrobe will always smell amazing

7, Hetty the hoover loves these too I pop them in her filter to freshen her up (she does stink bless her but she’s good)

8, Put one in your suitcase to stop it get musty

9, Selling something on eBay, use one in the parcel and then the buyer will open a gorgeous smelling parcel.

10, Remove glitter nail polish with one soak it in polish remover and the glitter comes off much easier.

11, Clean and polish your chrome with them i use them on my taps in the kitchen and utility, works wonders every time.



​12, Clean your glasses.

13, Use them to remove the dust from your venetian blinds.

The list is endless as you can see, given them a try they really do work wonders!

Thanks for dropping by!


Toni XoX

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