My home Before & Afters!  (10 minute read) 

I thought I would do a blog on some before & afters in my home, I have seen lots of posts recently on IG showing them so here’s mine.

Anywhere that I post a picture of before i will put the after pic directly below.

I have been grey for around 4 years, it is longer, but that was before the knock through of the lounge and dinning room, so its probably more like 6/7 years!

But the dinning room used to be grey and black, I loved it at the time i think it was like this for around 3 years and I had a very large black leather corner sofa and a large grey rug!

Same spot 5 years apart!

This was the place we all sat in, because the lounge (front room) before the knock through was basically just a room that looked pretty but it was cream and white with a white wool carpet so no one was allowed in there 

4 years apart 

so I decided one day that I wanted it down I had huge ideas and I’m really lucky as lee trusts my ideas completely and just leaves me to it! so we instructed the builder to knock the wall down put the steels in and have one huge room! we lived in the conservatory (now the kitchen) for a week whilst that went on.

So all the old furniture (black gloss from Germany) got sold on Gumtree and I mean all of it! the cabinets the consoles the corner sofa EVERYTHING! Even the front rooms furniture got sold so the rooms where empty! and we had a shell the only thing I kept was my dining table and chairs as this was still needed for eating but we had the conservatory to sit in, in comfort so it wasn’t bad at all.

At the time my brother had also revamped / up-cycled a dining suite and cabinet for me but I didn’t like them so they got sold too!

See them below in the conservatory pic 

The picture above was taken 4 years ago when the longe was knocked through to the dining room. Below is the same spot today! 

He didn’t mind, that i sold them on I’m just not a lover of vintage or up-cycled, I’m too heavy handed and it isn’t really a look ive ever gone for.





Same spot 5 years apart.

The knock through was the best thing we did! I love how bright my home became opening this up!

Before & after 4 years apart. 

If I could change anything about my home I would change the width of the rooms, I just wish they were a little wider!

The conservatory was a very expensive mistake for us! it was never used Lee had a 7ft pool table in there that only got used at christmas! (it was a nice pool table I must add) but it was just a mistake and we knew as soon as it was up that it would never be used!

Before and after 18months apart 

I hated the condensation all over the glass, and it was so hard to reach the roof in ours as it was so high, it was central heated but was still like an ice box in the winter, and a sauna in the summer! I hated cleaning it, I just never enjoyed the conservatory.

The above picture is an old shot when the conservatory was new (see how small Peggy is ) so around 4 years ago! Below is the same spot 4 years on and the patio doors have gone so it’s opened the space up!

So we decided to get it taken down and build an extension! and what a rigmarole that was! I wanted the size to be the same as our conservatory which was the full width of our home and the projection was 6m so many people laughed and said you can only go out 3m but let me tell you, you can go out 3m without planning permission, you can go out up to 6m providing you get permission and the neighbours aren’t against it!

So down with the conservatory and 15 months later we have a new kitchen extension.

I have to say all the heartache and dust and mess everywhere was worth it all round! I love the through lounge and I love the new kitchen! I also love that I now have a utility! My old kitchen was the perfect space for this.

18 months apart 

If you’re thinking of extending or knocking walls down don’t even think about it! do it! it’s not freezing like people say cos everywhere is open, it doesn’t stink cos the kitchens at the back without doors, I have an excellent extractor!(lol) 

It’s been the best thing we have done! 

Have a great day 


Toni x

2 thoughts on “My home Before & Afters!  (10 minute read) 

  1. love all the afters especially your kitchen extension , we are just in process of getting planning permission for a kitchen extension . ours is 3m but we live in a conservation area so its needed x


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