20 minute stair carpet clean! 

Good morning,

Here’s a quick blog on how I clean my stair carpet. 

I usually do this once a month just to freshen it up, as it does get dirty pretty quickly! 

I’m not one of those people who insists on you taking your shoes off, before coming into my home, it’s not a show home it’s lived in and I want you to relax. 

I use vanish gold carpet care or just the standard one (details are in my cleaning routine blog) I use a little scrubbing brush and a cloth cos the foam sprays EVERYWHERE! 

I do one step at a time I spray the front of the step and use the brush to work the pile, then I do the rest of the step just spray scrub and that’s it! 

The bottom step is done and the next step is half done! I usually do the first 6 steps then I go upstairs and work my way down, the reason I do this is the first few steps take a battering in my house and I would run out of steam by the time I got to the bottom so I use all my energy on those stairs and them just sail through the upper ones! 

It takes me no longer than 20 minutes! I then wipe the banister with a damp cloth as I go! 
I leave it for a few hours and then vacuum! 

And this is the finished result! 

Works perfectly every time! 

Have a great day 

Toni xx 

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