Master bedroom tour! 

I get asked so many questions about the master bedroom, so I decided to do another room tour, as you all loved my previous tour!

The master bedroom has just had a little update with accessories and I’m still debating whether to strip the Laura Ashley paper, I just feel its time for a change.


I’m also still undecided about the mirrors above the bed, if the truth be known (being brutally honest) my OCD has gone a little mad, and I don’t like change and this was such a huge change, so its going to take me a little time, don’t be surprised if ! change it all back and act like the mirrors never even existed!
Anyway moving swiftly on……. As you already gathered my wallpaper is the Laura Ashley Josette paper mine is dove grey and can be found here

My headboard is from a shop here in Liverpool called The Bedsore UK they are based in Old Swan Liverpool and my headboard is called Mont Carlo King in Seal Grey swarovski, it really is a lovely headboard (see the showroom pic below)  you can look around their website here

The mirrors are above my bed are sold out in store they are from a shop called All That Jazz they don’t have an online website, or an Instagram account but they do have Facebook!

The long mirrors above the bedside tables can be found here  

The bedside lamps are really lovely they are cheap and cheerful and can be found here

The pink peony flowers which sit on both bedside tables can be found here

The silver vases that they sit in are vanilla scented candles from Home Bargains which i used up and washed out and used them as cute vases!

My bedding is something I get asked about…. a lot! I only ever buy white bedding for our bed, and I’m a huge lover of pin tuck bedding we have 2 sets of the large pin tuck in 200 thread count from Sainsbury’s but its not online! you can still buy it instore.

We also have 2 sets of this bedding  here this is my personal favourite!

My little white cabinet at the foot of the bed can be found  here I just changed the handles, these were cheap from the range for a pack of 4!

The mirror above this can be found  here

The next reed diffuser here the bottles have been changed its been that long since i purchased any off these and i still have quite a few from christmas and birthday presents!

The light fitting is from Dunelm and it’s called the Blenheim.

My curtains are something i get asked about all the time I think its cos the fabric is so nice, these were hand made and the cushions to match, the fabric was from the fabric store Abikhans 2 years ago, but Argos did sell very similar and they have unfortunately stopped selling them now but you can still get them Here if you’re quick!

The grey moroccan cushions in the same print as mine but just a very slight difference can be found here

Old pic below but you can see the cushions

I did purchase two of these and the quality of them is lovely!

The pink velour cushions can be found here

The pink Mongolian faux fur cushions can be found here

The nude pink throw can be found   here  

This throw is so soft and snuggly! I love it!

If I have forgotten anything then please let me know and I will be sure to add it!

I hope you all enjoy and have a great evening!

toni xx



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