Lee’s Bedroom Tour! 

Hello everyone!

I have finally finished decorating Lee’s bedroom, and so many of you have patiently waited for the room tour, so here it is!

This took me 12 days in total simply because my hand was far too sore and I had the help of John my neighbour who is absolutely fantastic and is a retired handyman and by the way, he’s the best and most patient and understanding human i have ever met! he listened to me moan and made sure every last little detail was to my liking, he is amazing and he is one of those people who would do anything for you! We’re eternally grateful to John for all his help.

I asked Lee what he would like his bedroom to be like, as it was grey and just one papered wall, he wanted a hotel look that was crisp and easy to maintain he also wanted painted walls (I nearly cried at this idea) but thought you know what, its his room he’s almost 20 years old so I just have to do as he wishes Haha!!

The paint we used in this room (much to my annoyance I hate matt paint) was Johnson’s Matt Emulsion one coat in Moonlit Sky you can find that   Here  

We used Dulux brilliant white matt emulsion on the other walls

Lees headboard is from the same shop that ours is from it is not online this headboard is in store only and lees is in slate grey, the shop is called The Bedstore UK its located in Old swan Liverpool and they are extremely helpful so you can get their number of google and give them a call its the Monte Carlo!

The bedside tables can be found here Here

they were a real bargain the drawers aren’t huge, but they are the ideal size for our Lee.

They came already built so i didn’t need to build them, this was like the best thing ever for me LOL i hate building furniture!

The mirrors above the bedside tables can be found here

These are what give the room the hotel feel! they also take me back to show home stalking many years ago (about 13 years) I remember seeing a master bedroom in the show home and being so in love with the idea! It was just by chance that I stumbled upon an image on pinterest with the same type of theme and this is where my inspo came from (see thats inso pic below)

who would have thought that this decor style would come back around over a decade later!

Lee wanted his accessories to be black and bold, so the lamps were a slight impulse buy on my behalf as they are silver with a black shade, but he loved them (and they were a bargain at £16.99 each) you can find them  Here

the rug can be found  Here

we didn’t want to get completely black as it would show up every little bit so this is mixed charcoal grey!

Lee chose his prints himself ( I know I know) but its his room (I have to keep reminding myself) and if I’m being totally honest I do love them and I love where his mind was when he was choosing them (I’m laughing) he’s just a great kid with a huge heart and a huge love of coffee! and America! you can find the prints  Here

they arrived the very next day! high five to slay my print!

the frames are just cheap frames from B&M stores I think they were £4.99 for a pack of two, we got this style as he would not accept any type of glittery venetian frame or fancy, so these were perfect! you can find the frames here

the big black Dorma Kensington velvet cushions can be found here

the faux fur cushions can be found here

The Versace hurricanes are old they were stored in the loft I gave them  bit of a spruce up with mr muscles and they are like new! ( I also threw tons of stuff out on the weekend from the loft as its like hoarders paradise up there and the loft is getting converted so I need to get it organised as quick as possible!much to big Lees pleasure.

The curtains don’t close these are solely for show and nothing more! if there is one thing I love, its an over exaggerated window I always have and always will take my poles right up to the top! and right in to the tightest corner it gives the elusion that the window is a lot bigger than it actually is, I have always been a lover of two sets of curtains I done this many many years ago when Ikea first brought the double pole hooks out, and its something I just love! the white voile panels can be found here

and the grey tab top curtains can be found here

That brings us to the end of the bedroom tour, and I’m now going to concentrate on the study tour, this is my spare bedroom but its basically where my computer is and I do a lot of work from this room!

I hope you all have a great day!


Toni x

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