My cleaning products & routine! 

This has to be my MOST asked question and DM! what cleaning products do I use and how do I clean ( I presume this means ‘what’s my cleaning routine’ as we all know how to clean) 

Well I do have a routine, I don’t stick to it like glue, but it works for me, I tried a cleaning chart but it made me anxious, looking at it and counting the days down so I scrapped it and went with my good old ‘vice versa’ way! 

So by vice Versa I simply mean week 1, and 3 and week 2, and 4 this is the easiest way for me to remember as my working weekend is 1&3! So the windows inside get done on week 1&3 and outside gets done on week 2&4 (my weekend off I can be very thorough and clean the sills and frames and front door)! 

Bedding gets done every Friday morning! Tea towel drawer also gets re-fresher every Friday as I have far too many tea towels and if you’re like me the top 6 get used constantly and the bottom 267 (jokes) get musty in the bottom, so they all get washed on Fridays too! My washing machine never stops, there 6 of us here 3 humans 3 dogs (haha) that’s a whole lot of laundry, I hate having laundry in the basket (lee says I would wash just for the sake of washing) little lee now knows that if it’s on his bedroom floor it gets washed, (this is to stop him putting his clean laundry pile on the floor cos he can’t be bothered putting it away, and I’m not a maid, he’s nearly 20!)

Week 2&4 is my busiest clean, skirting boards inside cupboards, banisters window sills and blinds, behind radiators door handles light switches, chandeliers lamps consoles and under sofas and chairs picture rails every surface literally gets cleaned, dusted, wiped and washed! 

Ok so you may think my life revolves around cleaning? Well it doesn’t I spend longer ironing my work uniforms! 

I keep on top of the cleaning so it doesn’t take me long at all I have a routine and I stick to it as best I can, my cleaning is made a million times easier with the Dyson V8 cordless I simply can’t live without it, everything gets vacuumed in this house, even the toaster! EVERYTHING! I have special attachments for Dyson and if I don’t have an attachment I’ll make one (seriously) for the radiator I use a kitchen roll tube so I can get in all those nooks and crannies, I use the soft brush for the blinds, and sills I use the special stair attachment for the stairs I use the longer nozzle for the skirting boards and behind the kick boards where the washer/dryer are, this one gets all the hard to reach places. 

At the end of the month I vanish the stair carpet, this brings the pile back up and brightens it up!

The curtains get washed 4 times a year and this is every 3 months, how I remember this, is when I book my annual leave (4times yearly) I do my curtains then! 

The Venetian furniture gets wiped every other day, I use E-cloths for this as they really are amazing, and with 3 dogs they love looking at themselves and rubbing wet noses all over the mirrors so they get done every other day (unless I see marks I’ll wipe them) 

I use a steam mop sometimes, but not all the time, I don’t feel it cleans as thoroughly as boiled water in the mop bucket and a bit of elbow grease, this is the only place I use zoflora, in the mop bucket to clean the floors, my favourite is clean linen but I love honeysuckle jasmine too! I’m not a huge fan of Zoflora so if I run out I won’t rush out to buy more, give me the purple Dettol or the pink flash and I’m happy! 

All my surfaces get cleaned with flash or Dettol! 

My flooring is karndean and it needs a deep polish every now and then to bring the surface shine back so we have a kit for this! This is Lee’s job I absolutely hate doing it! So I can’t say this is done on a regular basis as it’s supposed to be done once yearly, but it’s basically when Lee can be bothered. 

My dishwasher gets used every night around 7pm after tea, or if Lee Jr tidied his bedroom then he puts it on earlier, to hide the amount of dishes that he had in his bedroom (like I didn’t know)! I’ve tried so many different tablets and rinse aids and I must say Aldi is my favourite tablet! 

I think I have just about covered everything apart from my dish liquid and most importantly my hand wash! 

I don’t want this blog post to encourage anyone to over clean or become obsessed about cleaning, I clean as it suits me, we all have a routine and I tend to enjoy cleaning my home and keeping on top of things, but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect I would say I spend roughly 20 minutes daily cleaning andon week 2&4 a couple of hours! I don’t stand ironing for hours on end, we iron as we go in this house, my laundry detergents look a little ostentatious, this is my child’s fault, wanting his gym wear delicately laundered (in fairy) and his designer clothes washed so the detergent doesn’t fade the colours (Ariel colour) and I always like to switch my fabric softener, I did stop using softener for a while and found my laundry felt and smelt better but I’ve gradually gone back to using it! 

I have a large supply of glass cleaner too but look at all the mirrors and mirrored furniture in my home, I have a glass dining table too and steel bases on my stools so I go through that stuff like nobodies business! 

I have some plug in airfresheners and I now use wax melts daily from

they have a fantastic range of designer scents and I adore them all! 

If you read all this post then thank you and I’m now going to stop rambling and make a brew. 


Toni x 

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