Getting your Upvc windows and doors back to dazzling white! 

I thought I would do a quick blogpost on how I get my Upvc window frames and door, dazzling white.

I made the mistake of purchasing every product on the market, trying in vain to make my front door and window frames gleaming white, as my door is 16 years old  and my windows are 7 years old, and some products done absolutely nothing and some products left a yellow tinge after time, so I tend to make a note on my calendar of what I’ve used and what works and what’s rubbish, this way if it’s in the calendar notes then it makes it onto next years calendar and that means it’s good.

I must point out I clean my window frames fortnightly when I do the windows  (summer months) and not so often in the winter, but I always wipe the sills down, I never leave the muck after rain on there, so they’re never grubby they just need a wipe and a refresh.

The products I use and swear by are the little cheap erase away sponges £1 from home bargains (flash make them too but Home Bargains are just as good) you can find them   Here

I use this too remove any black makes of the door and then I use Thompsons Upvc restorer £5 from wilko’s Here 

and this is amazing for bringing the white to life and puts a gorgeous shine on the Upvc too.

It’s really easy to use just wipe on leave for a minute and wipe off and buff, that’s it.





The products I use on the inside of the frames and door is this (see picture below)


I use this inside as its caused some yellowing on the outside where the sun hits the frames so I don’t use it outside! you can find this  Here

and i use a damp cloth for buffing off!

follow all the instructions and I’m sure you’ll love the results!

Happy cleaning.

Toni XoX

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