How to decorate a Christmas tree πŸŽ„ in stages!Β 

Good afternoon,

I thought I would do a full detailed blog on how I decorate my Christmas trees.

This is a lengthy blog so get your brew and get comfy 😁

There are 10 stages to dressing a tree and if you’re all organised like me this will run very smoothly, if you’re not then you still have around 3 weeks to get prepared πŸ˜‚

1, Building the tree, Ok this is the easiest part providing you don’t have a colour coded hook in branches tree, I feel for you Β if you do if like me the tree comes in 4/5 parts then it’s easy to put it all together.

2, Fluffing the tree branches, this is the most important part and must not be skipped, I usually fluff them all forwards, by this I mean separate them and pull them towards yourself (I’ll do a video when I’m doing my tree and pop it on Instagram so keep an eye out) I stand the tree in the middle of the room and work my way around it starting from the bottom and working my way around and up.

3, Lighting the tree up, I don’t have a pre lit tree because I don’t think it has enough lights,(I’m bonkers about lights on the tree) Β if you do, then you can skip this part, I put around 2100 lights on my 9ft tree πŸ™ˆπŸŒŸ you read that correctly 2100 Β and that’s providing I’m happy I could easy stick another 400 on if the feeling takes me πŸ˜‚πŸ’« I use cluster lights in sets of 700 and I use 3 sets and I do not just dress the front of the tree! It goes all the way around even though it’s shoved in the corner. I use the ‘up and down’ sequence I find it lights up a lot more fuller using this method than around and around.

4, Adding the inner baubles, I like to give the tree depth and this can only be done with shiny reflective baubles using Matt finish baubles will not give you the same effect. Anywhere there is a gap and you can see too far in to the tree, shove a bauble in there.

5, Adding the ribbon, this can be done however you like, around and around or in and out (I’ll do a video for Instagram and upload it when I have done mine so you can see ) this year I’m going to have no sequence and just going to weave it in and out you can use three lots of ribbon or just one imthe choice is yours, I’m going for a winter wonderland theme this year so I will be using minimal ribbon but you’ll still be able to a little on my tree.

6, Now dressing the tree, use your ornaments in a diamond shaped sequence and put the ornaments on every Β corner of the diamond shape, this gives you perfect placement, I usually buy 6 of every ornament so I can follow this sequence, and it’s all equal, small ornaments up at the top of the tree and larger ones as you work your way down the tree, leave no place bare, your tree can never have too much decoration.

7, Step back and admire your work, you’re not done yet but there no harm in looking at your fabulous work.

8, Now the topper, whether that’s an explosion or a star or an angel place it perfectly at the top, I have an explosion, so it’s a little bit harder I tend to wrap it all together and then wedge it down at the top.

9, Now push the tree into its corner or space, plug the lights in and get it exactly how you want it.

10, Add your tree skirt and that’s it you’re done! It usually takes me around 6 hours from step 1 to 10, and that’s getting all the decs down from the loft too, and lots of tea breaks!

If you follow these steps you can’t go wrong! I would love to see your Christmas trees so tag me on Instagram when they are up @toni_interior_

Have a fabulous day

Toni X0X

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