The Extension Progress!

Ok so this extension seems to be taking forever, there has been quite a few obstacles in the way and we’re getting there.

I’m not hopeful that I will get my new kitchen for Christmas as I don’t want to get my hopes up, the builders seem to think I will, but I beg to differ.

Today 06/11/2016 its not looking to bad the Velux Windows are in and the roof has been felt and battened.

The tiles will go on next week the plumber and the electrician will be here and also the windows and patio doors will be fitted.

So next week it will be water tight and ready for the walls to be knocked down and the studded wall for the utility and downstairs loo!

It’s been a work in progress and this extension may look small on the pictures but it really is huge it’s the full width of the house which I think is 18.m and projection is 6.m so it really is huge, the builders keep saying it’s a bungalow, I would obviously have it bigger is planning would allow 🙈😂!

I’ll keep you all updated things should start moving really quickly after next week!

Toni X0X

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