Magic erasers 💫

Erase Away, these are my absolute must cleaning item they are just £1 from home bargains and they can been found in the cleaning section by the dish clothes and scourers. 

They come in a boxed sleeve and it holds two cubes (see pic) they are environmentally friendly and they really do, get the job done! 

I have used these for around 4 maybe 5 years and I will not ever be without one, they are amazing I will go through a few things that I use them for and you’ll be amazed, but I just want to let you know that you need nothing but warm water with these, you don’t use any chemicals what so ever, just water. 

I use them on my Karndean flooring which is extremely expensive flooring and it’s super hard wearing but you have to be careful what you use on it so if you too have karndean or Amtico flooring then you need some magic erasers 👍🏻 just one rub removed scuff marked scratches, shoe marks, nail polish you name it this removes it, Iuse it on literally everything! 

UPVC door and window frames, ceramic kitchen sink, bathroom including tiles, my car, the door frames and skirting boards it removes sticky residues I use it inside my kitchen cupboards, there is nothing I won’t try it on, but I always do a sample spit first to check it’s ok, people even use these on there face as a microdermabrasion but I haven’t and I wouldn’t recommend this. 

I usually cut smaller pieces of when I’m cleaning for little books and crannies and hard to reach places but these really are a must they are just amazing! 

I hope this helps you all! 

Have a fabulous day lovelies 💞

Toni XoX 

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