The magic of a shoe cabinet!

My bedroom is not the biggest of bedrooms in fact my son has the biggest bedroom in the house, but I make the most of the space I have! would you believe I’ve cramped in a king size bed a six drawer chest a double wardrobe two bedside tables and most importantly a shoe cabinet!

I always want a bigger bedroom like the american ones, tall ceilings and wide open spaces oh gosh I love them, but instead I have my little bedroom that i wouldn’t trade for all the tea in china!

I wanted an ottoman or something at the end of the bed but didn’t have the space with my bedroom having a chimney breast in it and there was no way i was having any building work done to take the breast down so I measured up for this great little Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea! i just purchased some crystal handles from The Range to add a little sparkle to it and it fitted perfectly and became a lovely little breast feature in my room!

I don’t store anything in there apart from a new reed diffuser! as its not as solid as it looks, the doors sort of pull forward but they are only on plastic tracks but it works great for me as i don’t need storage I just wanted something to add a little bit of character to what once was a plain wall with a mirror!

I think this cabinet would look great anywhere in the home if you’re stuck for space its depth is tiny and it only has two front legs as it leans against the wall and can be fixed to the wall if you wanted!

Have a fabulous day!

Toni XoX

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